Nike x NBA Connected Jersey

user interface design, user experience design, prototyping, production


99% of basketball fans have never been to a basketball game. Coinciding with becoming the official provider of jerseys to the NBA, Nike saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring the game to fans by way of their jersey.


They asked us to create an experience for fans that would not only bring them closer to the game, but also provide tangible value aside from the jersey itself. This would come in the form of access to experiences, product and content. The result was NikeConnect: fans could “tap” their phones to their jerseys on gamedays for player-specific content and prizes. 

My role was to help craft the design and experience of the platform, which included working on visual design, prototyping, user experience, and delivery of the final product. Visually, we strove to convey an “unapologetic” tone — capturing the rawness, physicality, and energy of basketball, all within the parameters of Nike brand guidelines.

first demo screen copy.jpg

On game days, we invite fans to tap in with their jerseys using the NFC chip in their phones. A browser then opens and launches into the experience.


Once the experience is launched, users see a game status bar that dynamically updates, as well as animated GIFs and videos playing. Gifs and videos can be viewed in expanded view for sharing on text and social networks. 


Tapping into the experience on game days makes users eligible for rewards like exclusive Spotify playlists, custom sneaker drops and NBA2K boosts.


The jersey screen is the main hub that communicates the personalized status of the user’s connected jersey.  They can view their tap-in status and a list of games their team is playing today, as well as games their team has played earlier in the season.


Read more about the launch of the NikeConnect experience here and here.


Creative Direction: Carlos Matias and Johnny Budden
UX:  Liz Tervenski and Gabriel Beck
Art Direction: Felipe Yamaoka and Antoine Christian
Design/Production: Anika George and Shaun Cronin
Copy: Chris Liu and Devin Altman
Motion: Cody Rubino


Winner of Clio Sports Gold 2018 and Cannes Shortlist 2018